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Migrants is the name of the site-specific intervention/installation that Boltanski has created for Buenos Aires and its Hotel de los Inmigrantes. This piece intends to envelop the spectator in the experience by making use of sound and spatial and light elements from the world of theater. With the building’s historical archives – which kept a record of every single immigrant arriving in Argentina – as a starting point, this installation will be comprised of approximately 200 voices of children, youngsters and adult and elderly men and women. Each of these voices will be heard saying his/her name and surname, age, occupation, date of arrival and other archive data in its respective mother tongue. The migratory whispers from people of diverse origins and ages that will fill the air of this emblematic building will be accompanied by a foggy, faintly lighted atmosphere, which will plunge visitors into a novel experience, bringing them into contact with memory, our society’s past, and their own individual histories. This installation – located in the connecting spaces of the third floor of the Museum – will continue in two other light installations which will use shadow games to restore the presence of those that once stayed in this building, and bring into focus the theme of migration in modern times.

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    Boltanski Buenos Aires Opening Ceremony

    Friday, October 12, Hotel de los Inmigrantes, 1.30 p.m.

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