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The MUNTREF exhibition intends to showcase Boltanski pieces which have been selected because of their autobiographic nature and their role as landmarks in the artist’s career. One of them is the Mon Coeur installation, which will be exhibited in the first room of MUNTREF.

With autobiography as a common theme, the rooms of MUNTREF shall present 6 Septembre, a video-installation involving three high-speed screenings of a few seconds of newsreel footage in film and video format of every September 6 – the artist’s birthday. This is an interactive piece in which the audience can randomly pause the films to concentrate on whatever images that may have drawn their attention. This piece is added to installations Reserve, Être à nouveau, Monuments, and Leçon de tènèbre. These are four key works in the development process of this artist’s expressive resources.

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    Boltanski Buenos Aires Opening Ceremony

    Friday, October 12, Hotel de los Inmigrantes, 1.30 p.m.

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    You can access all our video records of Migrants, Flying Books and Works in our YouTube Channel. Go to Channel Boltanski Buenos Aires